Academic Management System

Online College Management System provides a simple interface for maintenance of student information and replaces the current paper records. Student information system deals with all kind of student details, academic reports, college details, course details, curriculum, batch details, placement details and other resource related details too. It will also have faculty details, batch execution details, students’ details in all aspects, the various academic notifications to the staff and students updated by the college administration. It also facilitates us to explore all the activities, happening in the college, different reports and queries can be generated based on various options related to students, batch, course, faculty, examinations, semesters, and certification.

Admission Management

When a new student takes admission in the college, the administrator just needs to add details of the new student into the college admission system. Then these details can be used to generate various reports for further use to university and government scholarships and these details can be easily edited incase if there are corrections. The Admission management software creates unique ID for every student automatically with every new entry. The roll numbers are also assigned to the student automatically. All the essential information like photograph, parent information, permanent address, emergency contact number, previous academic record etc. is available through this admission system. Admission management software is module of College ERP Software which covers provisional or confirmed admission, domicile, caste category, gender, rural, urban, physically handicapped, seat type, quota, form No. and admission date etc.

Academic Management System

Academic Management System (AMS) is web enabled application software for management of various academic activities of the Vidya Pratishthan’s, Arts, Science and Commerce College, Vidyanagari, Baramati, Dist. Pune. The system caters to the requirements of different users such as Registrar, Heads, Teachers, Students, Administrators and Officials for performing their assigned tasks. The system is user friendly and can be accessed ubiquitously. VPASC College exercises the Vriddhionline College EPR Modules software for all kind of Managements.

Student Management

Student management system is integrated with all other modules such as Library Automation software, Fee management software. So when a student requests for T.C. /L.C. certificate, the student information system will gather all the required information like library transactions, dues pending with any department etc. Clerk can keep track of any dues pending with the student very easily before issuing T.C. /L.C. certificate. By reducing the manual interventions, student information system has minimized the scope of any kind of errors or financial losses if any which could happen to the institute because of unavailability of data.

OPAC library management system

OPAC library management system provides Search option by Accession No., Title, Author, Publisher, Place, Book Editor, Year, Pages, Copies, Volume No., Sources, Rate, Class No, Subject, Invoice, Remarks of librarian.

Examination Management System

Examination Management System (EMS) is useful for both Students and Faculty as well. They can use it based on the accessibility provided to them. Users at various levels are provided the rights and privilege to perform different set of operations. For Example, administrator can verify the data and generate the list of eligible and non-eligible candidates based on defined criteria and also can keep a track of the students who have confirmed their admission but not submitted their examination forms. It also shows data of unpaid fees from fee collection software so hall ticket can be hold. Exam management software will be able to process forms of regular students, students with back logs and external candidates as well. Admin can use all the data with respect to examination form of the students (provided by students) and can generate examination fee receipt to the specific student. Examination management system will help to manage the Examination Seating plan and automatically allocating the seat to the students with respect to the varying hall capacity. Exam management software can easily generate the examination seat numbers later. It takes into account the attendance and regulations for the course and programmer and then verifies the fee payments made before the hall ticket generation can be implemented.

Reports Generation

EMS helps in preparing necessary reports required for effective management of the examination department. The exam management software is used to generate Junior Supervisor reports. By entering the name of faculty, you can check to which specific room the faculty was assigned. You can also check the number of candidates under the specific faculty with starting and ending exam numbers. Faculty attendance will be recorded into the EMS. After the process of evaluation is completed, you can fetch all kinds of required reports like examination performance reports, subject wise performance reports, failure students’ reports and topper list from EMS. By using EMS overall performance of each and every student with the help of exam number or registration number. If you want to check the performance of any faculty of a specific subject then the subject wise report will be really effective in exam management software. Examination management software will automatically calculate aggregate marks for every student and prepare a sorted list and you will have your topper on the top of the list. You will be able to generate the passing certificate with one click for every student who has cleared the examination. Detailed Mark sheets will be prepared into the examination management software which can be printed and distributed among the students.

Payroll Management

Official information for each and every employee is maintained into the payroll software. Official information consists of Department of employee, job profile, designation (initial and current), grade, cadre, photograph of employee, complete qualification details, total experience including previous experience if any, date of appointment, order number etc.

MIS Reports

Management Information Systems reports are the reports which give the clear picture of finance department. MIS software shows summarized data of college ERP. Some of the reports generated in MIS like Daily fees received, outstanding amount for every student , List of defaulter students can be extracted and those can be intimated through emails or manually, current admission status, current fee status, current library status ,cast category wise summary report, fee category wise report, admission fee summary report etc.