Our Campus

The Janvastu Sangrahalaya has a collection of photographs of historical importance; which give a glimpse into the active life of Hon'ble Shri Sharadchandra Pawar, who started his career as a social worker from a humble village of Maharashtra.Janvastu Sangrahalaya is a museum hall constructed just at the entrance of Vidya Pratishthan.

During his life-long struggle in the service of the people of Maharashtra in particular and India in general, Shri Pawar has come across peoples from various strata of society; who expressed their love and affection to him, sometimes with token gifts. These gifts have been displayed in the Sangrahalaya to be seen by the people, who have showered love and affection on Hon. Shri Sharadchandra Pawar.

Entertainment and co-curricular activities go hand in hand in the life of the young boys and girls. The Ga-Di-Ma Sabhagriha with a seating capacity of 2000, is fitted with all the modern gadgets including a 35 mm projector to screen movies. The hall is a hub of cultural activities and competitions in co- curricular fields.

Library, its rightly said, is the nucleus of an educational institution. Duly conscious of this view and its practical utility, Vidya Pratishthan prides itself in providing libraries with reading rooms to each of its Institutions. These libraries cater to all faculties and subjects, and offer a wide spectrum of books, journals and periodicals. These are the pioneers among the libraries in India in using the concept of Electronic transactions.

The health- freaks and figure conscious are also catered to. To enable their indulgence and regular exercises, two full-fledged gymnasiums; one for the boys and the other for the girls, function with the latest equipment and modern amenities. Living in Hostel provides students the freedom to socialize with their groups and establish new vistas of friendship and continual rapport with each other. Realistic achievement of this is facilitated by well furnished and spacious rooms in the hostels of the Pratishthan.