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The library was started in 1994 very small classroom and the books was 450.
The College, which started with the strength of 150 students. Now nurture the ambitions of more than 5000 To 6000 students. The College is privileged to have excellent infrastructure with respect to library. The library was introduced in 1994, The infrastructure development of library was in 1997 inaugurated with good hands of Hon. Shrardchandraji Pawar Saheb in 21.12.1997.
Library has been meticulously planned to match the requirement of the academic development.

Physical Infrastructure:

The college has a double storyed library building with basement. A/V Room.
It has the area of 3308.68 Sq.m.
It include Ground floor having area 1206.33 Sq.m.
First floor 1320.02 Sq.m, and Second Floor 782. 33 Sq.m. and basement.

Library at a Glance:

A Spacious Building ( Ground floor plus two).
Two spacious reading halls with a total capacity to accommodate 1000 students.
It has total collection of 61,657 books.
Periodicals and Journals -75.
Newspapers-16 (English, Marathi ,Hindi) and Local -2.
Information Communication facility corner.
Audio - Visual room.
Full Time Librarian, adequate attendants.
Library advisory committee.
Computerized system.
E-Books and E-resources- UGC- Infonet (N-LIST).
Healthy and pollution free atmosphere.

The Library has Different Sections(Facility):

The Librarian’s room & office for other staff.
Stack room.
Reference Section (English, Marathi and Hindi).
Periodical Section.
Circulation Counter.
Staff Study room.
Audio -Visual Room.
Information communication Facility Corner.
Donated section.
Two separate spacious Reading Halls (Boys/Girls) of capacity of 1000 Students.
Separate study room for faculty.
Technical Processing section.



Completed –One orientation and Two refresher Course.
Attended : Conference /seminars and workshop.
National Conference-02,Workshop-01,Seminars-03,International Workshop-1
Worked as Member of Vigilance Squad -2 times.
Worked as senior supervisor for the university exam.
Resource person for the Refresher course in Environment Awarenes.
Assistant Coordinator for the environment Awareness Course of the college.
Member of the college committees like N. S. S. Hostel , Competitive examination cultural.
Attended SET /NET seminar.
Attended UGC infonet – N-List (Inflibnet ) E- resources Awareness programme .
Organized utkrusht granth vachan spardha.
Aathar a Taas Salag Granth Vachan activity- on the Mahaparinirvan Din of Dr. B. R. ,Ambedkar .
Guided -for the research projects of the M. Lib. Student(7).
Delivered lecture at N.S.S. programme of colleges under various topics such reading, environment.
Worked -as member of Selection Committee. University of Pune, Pune.2 Times.
Professional Association membership.
  1. Indian Library Association, New Delhi.
  2. Indian Association of Special Libraries and information centre. Calcutta.
  3. PULLISA University of Pune.


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