Mission & Goals

Vision and Mission:

The Vidya Pratishathan’s Trust owes its vision to the insight of its founder, Hon. Shri. Sharadchandraji Pawar, veteran parliamentarian and Maharashtra’s foremost Statesman. The Trust was founded with paramount aim of delivering world class education to the rural poor.
The Arts, Science and Commerce College, established in 1994 in the prime area of the town having pleasant and healthy atmosphere of Baramati town. The college is recognized as one of the best colleges in the university, not only in academics but also in the fields of sports, cultural, and extension activities. Within 22 years, the College has been transformed into a premier destination for higher education in and around the area, thanks largely to the farsightedness of the founder, the astuteness of the management council and the loyalty and hard work of the staff.
With the aim of providing quality education to the children of the farmers and laborers of the region, to give them the self-confidence and dignity that only education can give to a person, to make students ready to compete in the global marketplace and make them responsible and accountable citizens of the society and the country.
The College is dedicated to prepare Indian youth for the challenges of the highly competitive global marketplace while fostering a socio-economic sensitivity in their perspective.

Our Mission:

To aid rural development through quality education is our aim.

To build character through a well-rounded range of curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities is our holistic focus.

To impart value-based, traditional and innovative learning practices by state-of-the-art infrastructure is our commitment.

To bridge the gap between classroom teaching and research is our thrust.

To facilitate a harmonious symphony of excellence in teaching with a well-rounded motivational approach is our objective.

To inculcate gender equality, empowering women and national integrity is our promise.

Our Motto:

"In pursuit of academic excellence through team spirit"

Our Goals:

Knowledge Goal: To strengthen the intellectual side of personality.

Physical Development Goal: To provide relevant facilities for the development of a good physique.

Moral Goal: To enable the students to cultivate certain moral values.

Social Goal: To activate and foster the sense of obligation, loyalty, self-discipline and spirit of sacrifice for the society among students.